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1:1 Sensemaking Session

Join Lynne remotely to learn the skill and capability of sensemaking.

Sensemaking is how we work out what's going on, and what we need to do about it. The Institute for the Future suggested this would be a skill we'd need by 2020. We'd better hurry up and get it then!

If you currently write or type lists of information or use a lot of dot points, unfortunately this has been shown to be a less effective tool for making sense, learning and understanding than the technique of 'mapping' information.

Lynne will take you through the key techniques, skills, tools and approaches for sensemaking and in an hour you'll be ready to make sense of any meeting, conversation, seminar, conference or coaching session.

The session includes a copy of the practical book 'Making Sense: A Handbook for the future of Work'. The book has

  • 40 thought starters
  • 10 thinking tools
  • 21 techniques
  • 30 templates

The session is conducted using Zoom and may involve screen sharing so that we work on topics directly related to you and what you need to make sense of.

When you buy the service, we'll be in touch to schedule a time for the call in the next few days at a time that suits us both.

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