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1:1 Visual Skills Workshop via Zoom : 3 hours

Visual Skills aren't just about drawing. Sure, it looks like it's about drawing but there is so much more to using visuals to help people communicate, engage and collaborate than just the drawing part.

In the workplace today, often there is a need to:

  • Capture thinking and information (from colleagues, customers, managers and leaders),
  • Convey information to key stakeholders, clients, colleagues, other teams in the organisation; and
  • Collaborate with colleagues and teams and units across the business and in community, organisations and other businesses.

When you have competence across these three skills – using words as well as visuals – you have great visual skills: confidence and capability to engage and communicate at any time, with any audience on any topic.

If you're not able to access Lynne Cazaly's face-to-face workshops, then this is the ideal option.

Join Lynne in a 1:1 program where she works directly with you, giving you the skills of her famous full day workshop.

Lynne will draw live via flip charts, screen share her thinking and ideas and also share her iPad to show you how she uses the digital interface to create visuals.

Let's set up a block of time that works for you and get your Visual Skills happening.


- a 1:1 3-hour session with Lynne Cazaly (valued at $2000)

- a copy of the book 'Visual Mojo' (valued at $30)

- a copy of the book 'Making Sense' (valued at $35)

- enrolment in the 9-module online program Visual Mojo (valued at $99)

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  • $900.00 AUD