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Lynne Cazaly

Lynne Cazaly

Albert Park, Australia · 17 items

doing your own thing : mentoring with Lynne Cazaly

To many people, the thought of running their own business or working on their own fills them with half fear, half excitement. Could it be possible? How would it work? Am I up for this?

For those who are already running their own show, questions often crop about about building, growing, being more efficient, doing more of what you love and how to price and value or package up your services.

So whether you're thinking of doing your own thing, you are already, or you would like to make more happen with what you're doing, here's your 2016 opportunity.

Tap into Lynne Cazaly's knowledge, experience, advice and network through her 1:1 mentoring program.

Doing your own thing is about working with Lynne Cazaly one-to-one.

You can start wherever you are, and get to wherever you want. With Lynne's advice, support, direction and guidance, we'll be working together to make doing your own thing even more of ... your own thing!

You can choose the package of mentoring in 'doing your own thing' that suits.

Get Started: $500 + gst

Includes a session with Lynne Cazaly to get you started and work out what's next

30 days : $2500 AUD + gst

Includes 4 sessions with Lynne Cazaly including advice, support and resources

90 days : $6000 AUD + gst

Includes 8 sessions with Lynne Cazaly including advice, support and resources

12 months : $24000 AUD + gst

Includes 4 x half day workshop sessions 1:1 every quarter and 12 sessions (1 x month) with Lynne Cazaly advice, support and resources

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