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Better Ways of Thinking & Working : How changing the way you do things, changes what you can do


FULL COLOUR BOOK featuring Lynne Cazaly’s creative hand drawn visuals that accompany her ideas

180 pages

The transition to newer and better ways of thinking and working is underway.
Individuals, business owners and teams in businesses all over the world are being forced to change the way they think and the way they work.

And they must.

They’re realising that changing the way you do things, changes what you can do.
In this new era of change, uncertainty and complexity, how are you adopting better ways of thinking and working?

What are these better ways, anyway … and how do you get started?

In this colourful collection of practical and mind-shifting contributions from Lynne Cazaly, you’ll find inspiration, insights and the path to better.

The book also features Lynne Cazaly’s highly practical, creative and inspiring hand-drawn visuals that accompany all of her ideas.

With a collectors feel to it, this book brings so many of Lynne’s ideas together in the one place.

When you need a shot of inspiration, a change of mind or a reframing about how to do things, possibilities are on every page!

Lynne Cazaly’s thoughts and ideas could be exactly the catalyst you need to project you into new ways of thinking and working.

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