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Cognitive Load Coping - 1:1 Skill Session

Based on Lynne Cazaly's compelling keynote and half-day workshop, this session is a 1:1 call via Skype or Zoom to help you handle the challenges of information overload.

We've all felt that 'fuzzy feeling' of being overloaded in a meeting, workshop or at a conference. It's when there's too much information coming in and we feel like 'our sponge is full'.

This session helps you understand:

- why it happens

- how we make it worse

- what to do instead

... and gives you practical skills to make learning, listening and excelling in your career a given!

FREE REPORT: If you'd like to read the report I've written about cognitive load, just email me at [email protected] and I'll send it right on back to you.

BOOK YOUR CALL: Then, when you're ready, Simply buy the service and I'll be in touch to schedule a time that suits over the next few days.

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