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Facilitating Community Meetings & Conversations - ONLINE PROGRAM

Get access to watch these 3 x 1 hour sessions on:

Session 1:

Frames, Starts and Tones: Your intention, how you start and the tone you take.

Session 2:

Connections, Emotions and Responses: Understanding people and emotions and how you respond to them.

Session 3:

Agendas, Process and Outcomes: What you do and how you do it.



If you are involved in facilitating, leading or convening community or public meetings, or need to have conversations that bring together community groups, organizations, stakeholders, agencies and individuals, this program will give you the structures, processes, checklists, tips and techniques for many of the things that can occur.

Facilitating a community meeting and conversation is not the same as leading a business meeting, as you might do in your workplace. Many of the things that happen in workplace meetings - and that are accepted as part of the culture people are brought into when they work at your organisation - are not known to your community or stakeholders.

So beware.

You may be doing things that stir up, agitate, or make a situation worse... rather than making it better.

There are nuances and elements of public meetings and community conversations that require specific attention, deliberate processes ... and good facilitation.

Your organization and culture is on display every time someone from your team leads or facilitates a public or community meeting.

On the downside, the leaders of these meetings can be on the receiving end of complaints, backlash, anger and sometimes ambush from participants. Rising levels of frustration and anger can escalate situations quickly. How you handle these as a leader is vital!

On the upside, leaders of thee meetings who have the insights, tips, techniques and solutions that help plan, lead and conduct community meetings and conversations, find that the group, community and them as the facilitator, all achieve more, do better (and feel better) about the consultation and engagement process.

Being prepared with facts and data to answer every question the community has is not the answer.

Rather, being skilled with appropriate facilitation knowledge and techniques is.

*** Includes a copy of the book 'Leader as Facilitator: How to inspire, engage and get work done'.

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