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Facilitation Skills Masterclass - Series 2


4 x 1-hour Online Sessions

at 7am Australian EST

October/November 2019

Facilitation Skills are proving to be some of the most collaborative, impactful and influential leadership skills of our time.

With an increasing need to get people to buy-in to projects, come on board with new initiatives and contribute their diverse thoughts and ideas in meetings, you can't leave it up to 'them' to play nice or perform at their best. You need to do something as a leader, consultant, expert and adviser whenever you're working with a group of two people or more.

In this Facilitation Skills Masterclass series, four online hour-long sessions will address some of the topics I get asked about the most.

Session 1 - October 1

Designing the Agenda

While some facilitators think they can just turn up and 'wing it', I believe that the best programs involve thought and planning regarding the agenda. An agenda is what will be done, and the processes are how you will do it. This session shares with you my learnings, insights and tips about how to design meeting and workshop agendas that get results and outcomes.

Session 2 - October 22

Handling Challenging Behaviours

Not every meeting, workshop or group is a dream! Sometimes there are different types of behaviours that can unsettle us or impact the progress of the group or cause problems for other participants. The need for psychological safety is strong in today's world. As facilitators, we need to make sure that sessions we lead are safe and that challenging behaviours from participants, organisers or leadership, are appropriately handled.

Session 3 - November 8

Careful of the Clichés

Facilitation has been around for sometime. And because of that, there are a range of statements, cliches and responses that many people have heard before. We may unknowingly use them, and cause impacts that we weren't intending. Facilitation is evolving; so should our practice. This session highlights some of the cliches and jargonistic phrases that are best left in the past. Stay contemporary with what you do and how you do it!

Session 4: November 22

Building your Confidence

Of all the topics I get asked about regarding facilitation, this topic is right up there! How do I feel more confident? What do I do when I feel nervous? What do I do when I don't know what to do? This session will take you through the things that build our confidence, strengthen your skill set and help you maintain a resilience in the face of working with other people.


You'll have the opportunity to contribute your questions and ideas both prior to and during the sessions.

Sessions will be recorded and you'll be able to access them and revisit the wonderful learnings, insights, tips and skills again and again in the future.

Online registration details to join the sessions will be sent to you prior to each of the sessions.

The program uses the Zoom platform


$660 AUD for all 4 sessions of Series 2


Masterclass sessions are one-hour duration and held from 7am - 8am Australian Eastern Time for October 1 and Australian Daylight Savings Time for October 22, November 1, & 22.

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