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Practical tips for leading people working here, there ... and everywhere

As many workplaces experience more hybrid ways of working - some people are here, some there, some on site, some working from home - the challenges of engaging and leading in this environment can be tricky.

We don’t want the worst of online and face-to-face combining to create an awkward, disengaging and excluding hybrid world.

No, let’s bring the best of both face-to-face and online together to create this new world of hybrid.

Sadly, it’s easy for us - thanks to our biases - to forget or exclude people. And even more so in a hybrid world.

Our Proximity Bias draws us to those who are nearer and more visible.

And the complexities of building psychological safety are many.

It’s a bit of a juggle to lead multiple people in multiple places. And it’s not static: it changes day by day, week by week!

How do you better lead a team to collaborate, plan, meet and work well together?

‘HELLO HYBRID’ is a 40-page ebook - based on my keynote presentation and workshop of the same name - and includes 12 practical techniques to consider and apply.

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