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'ISH' Online Program: "How to ditch your perfectionism ... because you don't need it anymore!"

‘ish: The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection and the Life-Changing Practice of Good Enough’

The online program - starting February 10, 2020 and running for 8 weeks.

Lynne Cazaly's book 'ish: The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection and the Life-Changing Practice of Good Enough’ was a hit in 2019!

Now in 2020 you can take the ideas from 'ISH' and put them to work in your daily life with guidance directly from Lynne Cazaly in this online program.

Featuring live videos, closed group presentations, worksheets and practical activities, the program will help you adopt the principles of ish.

When we ditch perfectionism we have the opportunity to go for:

  • greater productivity
  • increased self worth and self esteem
  • enhanced risk taking, and
  • greater satisfaction and contentment.

Rather than 'beating ourselves up' for things we haven't done, or haven't done 'good enough' (according to our beliefs), 'ISH' helps you see how you can make simple changes that make you more productive and ... happier with the outcomes.

Most of us are perfectionists at something

Most of us have a perfectionist way of working with something in our life - whether it's how we like to work in our daily job, on projects, how we clean the house, how we groom ourselves, how we might work with others, how we might approach starting or launching a business idea... or even how we think about ourselves and others.

Perfectionism used to be a 'badge of honour', but no more. The research data is in from a longitudinal study over many years and many age groups - pursuing perfection is a dangerous game.

Join Lynne Cazaly on this 8-week program that will uncover, reveal and highlight how you can transform many aspects of your life that are clouded, hindered and harmed by the pursuit of perfectionism. Through the program - and on the other side - you'll have a feeling of lightness, an attitude of confidence and boldness you may have never experienced before!

Perfectionism can be a drag! Let's ditch it and replace it with a contemporary way of working on the projects, tasks, chores and activities in our life so that we reach those levels of contentment, success and achievement we've been working (too) hard for!

8 week program - $125 AUD

On purchase of the course, you'll receive login details for where to access the closed group and the learning modules.

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  • $125.00 AUD