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The BA Skills Lift - 1:1 session with Lynne Cazaly

  • Questioning
  • Facilitating
  • Visualising

Integrating 3 skills for success

A skill on its own is good. Another skill... even better. Three skills? Three times the goodness!

The skills and capabilities we have work well on their own. But when they’re combined and integrated - even better.

Working with a group of business analysts recently, we took the three skills of :
- questioning
- facilitating
- visualizing
and integrated them.

Beyond just using the skills on their own, individually, one then the other, then the other, we used all three at once. Integrated.

  • Engagement was better.
  • Elicitation of requirements was easier.
  • Progress was faster.

These 3 skills can work with each other, leverage each other and make our roles and challenges easier.

For the team of business analysts, it was an experience of what I’d call a ’skills lift’.

An exponential return on one, two, three skills, that get multiplied or amplified once they’re working together.

Work with Lynne Cazaly 1:1 and build you capabilities in

  • Questioning
  • Facilitating &
  • Visualizing.

In this 3-hour session, working 1:1, Lynne Cazaly will help you identify where you’re at, what progress and lift you need in capability and deliver across the three capability areas.

Includes a copy of Lynne Cazaly’s books

  • Visual Mojo: How to capture thinking, convey information and collaborate using visuals
  • Leader as Facilitator: How to inspire, engage and get work done.

Purchase your session here and Lynne Cazaly will liaise with you to set a 3-hour time slot that suits us both over the next few days/weeks.

The session will be held on Zoom.

You’ll be sent a link to join the session and the two books will be sent to the postal address you provide.

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