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The Value Program - 12 weeks Mentoring Program - your path to greater commercial value

Introducing The Value Program

A 1:1 mentoring program of insight and support over 12 weeks to help you change how you identify, package and deliver your value.

Most of us don’t value what we do nearly enough. In fact, we think, behave and work in ways that undercut or diminish our value. We discount and dismiss valuable things we do and we often don’t see the incredible value in our skills and services that other people can.

Here’s a unique opportunity to do a ‘value overhaul’ on your business, your practice, your thinking and your services.

A 12 week investment in your own value

Week by week you’ll receive a focus topic on value with reflection questions, mindset reading and learning activities.

If it sounds good but you’re worried you don’t have time to do it, there’s a value problem right there!

The program won’t take much time at all. Time is our most valuable resource and we’ll cover what causes this ‘too busy to ...’ response to choices, options and opportunities.

It’s all designed to support you in uncovering greater value in your services, packaging that value up for the market and then delivering that value.

The Value Program includes:

  • Each month we’ll schedule a monthly 1:1 call to talk about what you’re working on and how I can support you in identifying, packaging and delivering your value. We can also cover whatever questions come up in your work in relation to costing, fees, quotes, pitches, meetings and proposals.
  • There’s a monthly webinar to keep you on track and in touch with others learning what you’re learning, to support any other questions you have or the things you’re noticing as you are valuing your worth even more.

What you get...

  1. Welcome and kick off benchmarking exercise, 'Whats my value?' (Valued at $350)
  2. 3 monthly 1:1 calls with Lynne Cazaly - that’s 1 call each month tailored to your needs and situation (Valued at $1800)
  3. A weekly email on a value topic including reading and insights to learn about value and how to package it for commercial success (Valued at $1200)
  4. 3 group webinars - 1 webinar each month which you can join live or watch the recording - covering the topics of the month, challenges you’re experiencing or the insights you’re gaining (Valued at $600)
  5. A signed copy of my book ‘ish’ (Valued at $80)
  6. A membership to the Linked In Accelerator Club - a community where you can learn and be supported in putting your valuable ideas and thoughts out there (Valued at $450)

That’s over $4400 value for $2400 + gst

At the end of 12 weeks you can take your newfound value and take it into the world or stay with me for another quarter as we tackle the next level of this topic and go deeper on how to make what you know even more commercially relevant.

Join me as I support you with the knowledge, skills, know-how and new ways of thinking about what you do, how you do it and how much you do it for!

I propose that you’ll earn the program fee back via how much better you'll think about your value!

Start whenever you like - runs for 12 weeks.

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