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'What's my style?' - Visual Branding Session 1:1 with Lynne Cazaly

Be original! Then people will know who you are.

Many people wonder how to be seen through all the social media noise, how to have a look and style that matches who they are... and looks like them.

Lynne Cazaly's visual style is one that is distinctive: hand crafted visuals, no-nonsense thinking, clarity among the chaos. She is bright, inspirational and overflowing with sense.

If this is her style... what is yours?

How do you find - and develop - your own style?

If you're looking to use more visual elements in your work, social media posts, collaterals, thinking and communication, then it's worth getting clear about your style.

Once you've identified your style... everything else becomes easier.

Work with Lynne Cazaly 1:1 in this 90-minute session, as she takes you through:

- a Visual Style diagnostic;

- a conversation to uncover insights about your interests, likes, style elements and obsessions;


- creation of a collection of visual elements that will resonate with you... and the people you work with.

If you'd like to have a conversation with Lynne prior to purchasing this item, send a message to [email protected]

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